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Change & Transformation

Because organisations are constantly changing, our clients often require human-centered interventions to help them deal with various sorts of change. Processes, culture, people, product, infrastructure, or technology frequently require shifting of behaviours. And since organisations are made up of many individuals, a strategy for collective agility, active two-way communication on the progress, resistance management, and enough time for individuals to transition is necessary.

The first step in our culture shaping approach is to diagnose the current culture situation, define the ideal future culture, and then move in that direction. A crucial step in the process is aligning with the broad strategy and the objective of value development. Culture is essentially a manifestation of organizational ideals because it encompasses sensed energy, attitudes, and behaviours, as well as how individuals “show-up” at work.

Communication and transformational change go hand in glove. As seasoned communicators, we help our corporate clients establish the right corporate culture and spread the message through effective internal communication.

Our in-house culture coaches design bespoke culture shaping programmes that speak to an organizational Employee, Environmental, Societal and Governance (EESG) framework. We also make sure the company’s values are reflected in sensible CSI (Corporate Social Investment) programmes that align the corporate DNA with real social impact.

Emergo offers an integrated approach from strategy to implementation and evaluation.

Our in-house team of psychologists, communication specialists, MBAs, historians, social workers, graphic designers and certified Project Management Professionals combines their expertise to approach communication, marketing and change processes holistically. We value substance and impact.

Emergo successfully completed projects for corporate and public entities in over twenty countries.

Change and Transformation