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Conservation is the new cool; go green and save big!

Project Name:
Support to Energy Efficiency (EE) campaign under the Increased Access to Electricity and Renewable Energy Production (IAEREP) project 

Project Reference: IAEREP/PUB/SER/2021-014 
Donor: European Union  
Client: Ministry of Energy 
Project Country: Zambia 
Duration: April 2022 – December 2022 

The Zambian government, with the support of the European Union, has put in place several interventions to address the energy deficit the country is facing. One of these initiatives is the Increased Access to Electricity and Renewable Energy Production (IAEREP) project, which focuses on raising awareness and communication about energy among all stakeholders. One of the most effective strategies for improving energy efficiency is by implementing an Energy Efficiency (EE) policy. 

Emergo was contracted to support the Energy Efficiency Campaign whose main objective was to influence the mindset towards EE and energy conservation. This is in support to the overall IAEREP objective which is ‘to increase access to clean, reliable and affordable energy and promote renewable energy production and energy efficiency across Zambia.’ 

Specifically, the campaign had two purposes which were to raise awareness on EE in general and energy wastage by businesses; and to provide information on EE penalties and payback projections. 

Several activities were executed and these primarily include partnerships with key interest groups in the sector namely, Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) and Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI); meetings with the target audience, media broadcasts and social media posts, development and airing of radio adverts, production of the animated energy efficiency series and development of the Energy Efficiency App.   

You can watch the animated series here: