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(Em)powering Zambia: Developing narratives on EU energy cooperation

Project:        C&V support for EUD Zambia energy portfolio  
Client:          NIRAS AS/SWECO 
Duration:    2021-2024

Only a minority of Zambians has access to affordable and reliable power, a situation that resonates across the continent. For the European Union Delegation in Zambia and our client NIRAS, we provide a team leader for a communication and visibility (C&V) framework contract (SIEA 2018) that supports the EU’s energy portfolio in Zambia. Energy represents half of the EU’s €500 million euro cooperation programme with Zambia. The FWC takes a portfolio approach supporting all of the EU’s energy projects; from the rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam to last mile connections in Lusaka and renewable energy projects across the country.

We successfully established a brand for the portfolio, assisted the EU Delegation to formulate and roll out its Global Gateway strategy, conducted perception surveys and media trainings, produced content (for radio, TV, print and digital) and rolled out several nationwide campaigns around energy, targeting rural stakeholders, youth, city dwellers and decision-makers.   

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(Em)powering Zambia: Developing narratives on EU energy cooperation


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